Nov 14 2011

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a noninvasive, effective tool providing faster recovery and pain management. It is also known as Cold Laser therapy because there is no appreciable amount of heat produced. The laser uses red and near infrared laser light to transfer energy into the tissue’s cells. The energy can either stimulate or inhibit biological processes within the tissue depended on the energy level of the laser. This allows the therapy to be modulated throughout the healing process based on the desired therapeutic effect. It is very safe to use in dogs and cats.

The therapy laser accelerates wound healing by stimulating cell growth and reproduction, increased circulation to the region, and increasing the tissue’s metabolic activity to provide more nutrients for healing. Scar tissue is reduced by inhibiting the cells that produce it and decreasing bad inflammation that can stimulation the formation of scar tissue. The therapy laser also slows nerve function to reduce pain and can also promote nerve healing. Finally, the treated area is decontaminated because the infrared light damages bacteria. Some common uses for the laser include pain, skin conditions, bone injuries, soft tissue injuries.

During the first first few days after an injury, the laser is can be used to inhibit pain, reduce inflammation and decontaminate an area. Treatments can then continue to be administered to more chronic injuries to control pain, stimulate healthy inflammation, and promote the removal of damaged tissue. The cumulative effects of the laser maintain the efficacy of the treatments over a longer period of time after every therapy laser session. The end result is overall faster, more efficient healing and better pain management.

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