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Mason City Veterinary Care

At Brookview, we are more than just a hospital. We are here to listen, as well as educate. Our staff’s goal is to make your pet’s experience as stress and pain free as possible.

Our exam rooms and waiting area are spacious and have comfortable chairs or loveseats in each. The pets are all cared for by compassionate, loving technicians. Dr. Smith, Dr. Rachael, and Dr. Alex all have compassionate “bedside manners” and a great love for animals.

The office has three clinic cats that love everybody: Ices, a snow white cat, Tica, a petite calico, and Dante, a huge black cat who plays the role of office greeter. All of our clinic cats are rescues who now lead very charmed lives.

In our waiting room you will meet our Umbrella Cockatoo, Juliet. Juliet loves attention. She will let most everyone pet her and will sometimes even go on your shoulder. Dr. Smith is her favorite person though, so don’t be offended if she leaves you when she sees him. We also have a variety of fish in our Koi pond and large tank.

What We Do

Here at Brookview, our caring, qualified staff are happy to help you with any questions concerning your pet’s health needs. We care for all dog and cat breeds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, pocket pets. Surgical altering is available on dogs, cats and rabbits. Declawing is available for cats. All surgeries are performed with our surgical laser. Other surgical procedures are available as needed. Let us help your pet today.

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